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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Find More Fashion Week Coverage of Dresses,Lounge Wear,Wicked Seduction at Cool Price!

Ruffled Front Cotton Dress. Smocked back. Elastic Waist. Front buttoned, with lining.
Fit chest: 32 to 36" Length: 31"
Item: AP8060 Colour: Grey and Dark Grey.

Draped Front Hem Halter Neck Bare Back Dot Dress. Contrast Trims
Size: S. Length: 32" when wearing. Fit chest: 33 to 35"
Item: AP015 Colour: Blueish Green

Short Sleeve Linen Dress. Side V Vent. Round Neck. Side Set In Pockets.
Exclusive Style and Workmanship. Exclude Necklace.
Size: Free Length: 36" Fit chest: 32 to 37" Shoulder: 15"
Item: SA155 Colour: Mint and Mauve(sold)

Exclusive Blazer Dress. 3/4 Sleeve. Lapel Collar. 2 Snap Buttons on front waist. Full Lining, Raglan Sleeve, Embroidery Embelished
Size: Free Length: 35.5" Fit chest: 32 to 38" Sleeve: 18"from shoulder
Item: LL1063 Colour Grey(sold) and Black
3/4 Sleeve Rayon Dress. Drawstring at hip.
Length: 32.5" Fit chest:32 to 38" Shoulder: 16" Sleeve: 16.5"
Item: DU8259 Colour: Green
RM65 RM45

Jesrsey Top, Overlapped Front, Draped side. Similar Back as Front
Size: Free. Fir chest: 32 to 35" Length: 28"
Item: OZ2399 Colour: Dark Green(Available) Orange (Sold)
RM45  RM33
Baggy Floral Bat Sleeve Cotton Blouse.
Drawstring at hip
Size: Free. Fit Chest: 32 to 40" Length: 31"
Item: BB804 Colour: Floral
RM46 RM35
4 tiers Ruffled Chiffon Dress, incluse with a separate White Tube Dress. Front
Buttons.Wing sleeve. Exclusive quality and workmanship
Size: Free. Fit chest of 32 to 35" Length: 32"
Item: AP6209 Colour: Red Rainbow(sold) and Red floral
RM80 RM50

Round Neck Long Sleeve Lace Top. Padded Velvet Tube Top with Metal zipper Back, Smocked side, Ruffled hem. (2 piece, can be worn separatedly)
Size:Free. Lace Top:Fit chest of 32 to 34" Shoulder:14" Length:23" Sleeve: 22"
Velvet tube top: Fit chest of 32 to 34", Length: 14" Stretchable
Item: BB80018 Colour:White Lace with Black velvet (1 left)
RM50 RM32

Halter Neck Plait Chain Elegant Dress. Elastic Back. Full Lining.
Size: Free. From 32 to 37" Length: 36" Bottom: 58"
Item: OZ2039 Colour: Black.
RM70 RM33
Zipped Front Adjustable Strap Chambray Dress. Pleated waist with pockets. Elasticband at Back.
Size: Free. Length: 32". Fit chest 32 to 36"
Item: FZ1668 Colour: Blue and Black
Cool dress! It's all about the way you wear it
Knit Dress. Draped at Bottom Hem to back. Sateen below waist.
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 37" Length: 34" measued at longest front
Item: FZ1058 Colour: Off white on Black
RM65  RM45
Exclusive Strap Chiffon Dress. Sequinned Front. Elastic at back. Full lining. Concealed zip at side.
Fit chest from 33 to 36" Length: 35"
Item: LL1074 Colour: Combination of orange and pink
RM239 RM90
100% Cotton Tie Dyed Dress. Adjustable Straps. Smocked Chest all round.
2 patch pockets in front.
Size: Free. Length: 34" when wearing. Fit chest: 32 to 36"
Item: DP1321 Colour: Yellow
RM48 RM33
2 Piece Slinky Plunging Halter Neck with Ribbon Tie to Neck. Vinyl Metallic Skirt.
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 36" Skirt Length: 10"
Item RS8279 Colour: Top: Pink(sold) and Yellow. Skirt: Metallic Silver
Sexy Vinyl Metallic Triangle Top with plastic hook fasten at back. Halter Neck. Matching Mini Skirt. Complete with G String and PVC belt
Size: Free. Fit chest 32 to 35" Skirt Length: 8"
Item: SR3032 Colour: Metallic Blue(All Sold)

2 Piece Designer Bikini Set Swim Wear. Comes with padding. Halter neck. Material : 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Size: M. Fit chest: 32 to 35"
Item:RS7438 Colour: Black with white trims
In view of numerous requests from clients, I am now expanding my product choice to include a new line called: 
Wicked Seduction
As the name suggests, this category will cater for those who wish to look elegant on the outside and feel naughty on the inside!
The division will feature a wide lingerie range of bikini swim wear, panties, brassieres, thongs, and chemises …. for those intimate moments when you want to look your seductive best.
As an appreciation of your interest and support, all internet purchasers of the Wicked Seductions choice will receive a pair of bikini panties.
Oops … I forgot to add that the panties will be given Free! 
Spandex Lace Long Gown with Ruffled Hem
Size: M. Fit chest: 32 to 35"
Item: RS9016 Colour: White(sold) and Black
RM60 Compliment with a Free Bikini Panties
Vinyl Mysterious Frilly Low Bust Corset. Sequins at chest and bottom hem. Eyelet hook fastenings at back.
Size: M. Fit chest: 32 to 35"
Item: RS2652 Colour: Black
RM65 Compliment with a Free Bikini PantiesOne Free Panties for each purchase of above item:
Item: N1153 Size: Free. Colour: Black, Pink, Blue 
Very Stretchable

Item: N1154  Size: Free. Colour: Black
Item: N1154 Size: Free. Colour: White
Elastic Clincher
Item: FL013 Colour: Black(all sold), Khaki(all sold), Brown(all sold) and Maroon.
Elastic Denim Clincher
Item: FL003 Colour: Blue(all sold), Light Blue(all sold) and Black
Fit waist to the maximum of 32"
Glossy Finished Dinner Clutch with Gold Colour Decorative Chain. L Zip.
Item: FL116 Colour: Red(sold), Silver(sold) and Black
RM56 RM51
Fashionable Necklace.
Item: DU1439 Colour: As picture (1 left)