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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Korean Style Exclusive Cotton Woven Blouse and Dress

Band Collar,  Lace Front Woven Blouse. Gathers at center back.
Size: Free. Length: 31" Fit Chest: 32 to 40"  Sleeve opening: 13"
Item: FJ3322 Colour: Grey(Sold), Blue and Brown
Pleated Front with Lace Woven Blouse. Lace Bottom Hem. Korean Style.
Size: Free. Length: 28" Fit Chest: 32 to 38"  
Item: FJ2267 Colour: Off White(sold), Blue(sold) and Mauve
 Button Front Crocheted Lace Collar Woven Blouse. Korean Style.
Size: Free. Length: 30" Fit Chest: 32 to 40"  
Item: FJ815 Colour: Pink, Khaki(sold) and Light Grey
Round Neck,  Button Front Woven Blouse. Korean Style. Slit at sleeve opening.
Size: Free. Length: 28" Fit Chest: 32 to 40"  
Item: FJ3310 Colour: Brown(sold), Navy(sold) and Grey
Cotton Short Dress. Lace trim at collar.  Lace Ribbon sewn at centre back tie to front. 
Size: Free. Length: 31.5" Chest: 45" Sholulder: 16.5"
Item: FJ2269  Colour: Grey and Sand.

Viscose Blouse. Elastic at shoulder, sleeve cuff and waist. Draped Side
Size: Free. Length: 25" Fit chest: 32 to 37"
Item: LL2103 Colour: Lilac
3/4 Sleeve Blouse with Lapel Collar. Printed Front. Gathers at side seam
Size: 29.5" Shoulder: 14" Sleeve: 16" Fit chest: 32 to 35"
Item: BB1015 Colour: Navy Blue(sold) and Grey

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Leggings attached with Mini Skirt

Black Legging attached with Double Layers Short Skirt. Elastic Waistband.
Size: Free. Side Length: 35" Fit hips:  32 to 37" Crotch: 8" Half measured
Item: AP6100 Colour: Black Skirt,Black Legging and White Skirt,Black Legging 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

BIG SALES: Price has never been cooler at NOT more than RM30

U Neck Long Sleeve Knit Dress. Woven Smocked Waist.
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 36" Length: 30" Sleeve: 22"
Item: KG1521 Colour: Brown(1 left)
RM42  RM30

Pinafore Knit Dress with back elastic waistband. Scoop pockets front. Complete with Tee Top
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 35" Length: 32"
Item: KG96 Colour: Black Tee Top with turquoise Dress
RM35  RM25

Singlet Style Jersey Tank Top. Elastic waistband. Decorative Buttons. Black Upper Yoke Front and back. (Stretchable)
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 36
Item: GD10983 Colour: Purple
RM36 RM25
Ruffled Front Cotton Blouse with Ribbon. Plain Back
Free: Size. Fit chest: 32 to 36" Length: 23" Waist: 32"
Item: BB6860 Colour:Light Blue and Khaki
RM50  RM26

Sleeveless Dress, Knit Top. Elastic Waist. Chiffon Ruffled Bottom Hem
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 35" Length:33"
Item: OZ9039 Color: Blue, Purple and Black
RM40 RM22
Round Neck Long Tee Top. Printed Front.  Plain Back
Size: Free  Fit chest: 32 to 36" Length: 26.5"
Item: G0812   Colour:  Pink
RM35  RM20
Tee Top.  Sateen Bow Front Collar.  Plain Back.
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 35" Length: 24" Sleeve length:5.5"
Item: UC20248 Colour: Black
RM36  RM30
Light weight Poplin, Elegant Long sleeve Blouse, See through lace at shoulder
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 37" Length: 32"
Item: LL2027 Colour: Turquoise
RM70 RM30

Crocheted Vest (Exclude Singlet)
Size: Free. Length: 19.5"
Item: AP89108 Colour: Natural
RM35  RM20
Anchor Print Korean Tee Top
Size: Free. Length: 29" Fit chest from 32 to 37"
Item: DB2004 Colour: Blue and Purple.
RM28  RM20
Long Sleeve Woven Baggy Blouse. Lace on front chest. (Exclude belt)
Size: Free. Chest: 44" Length: 32"
Item: BB612 Colour: Dark Grey and White
RM50 RM28
Baggy Cotton Dress with Lace on Chest and Bottom Hem. Puffed Sleeve. Set in pockets at side (Exclude vest)
Size: Free. Length: 34" Fit chest: 32 to 37"
Item: BB7128 Colour:  Grey
RM50  RM28
Knit Skirt Full Front Opening attached with eyelet. Knit rib at waist.
Item: OZ8795 Color: Cobalt Blue and Maroon
Size:    M        L
Waist  25"      27"
Hip     34"      36"
Length 18.5"  18.5"

RM40  RM22
Spandex Leggings. Elastic waistband
Size: Free. Fit hips: 32 to 38". Stretchable
Item: KG1682 Colour: Black prints on white
RM30  RM22   

Ruffled Chest Dress and Botom Hem.     
Length:  34" Fit chest: 32 to 36"            
Item:PB7054 Colour:White          
 RM43 RM23  
     Korea Knit Dress. Printed Chest. Mesh at bottom
Length: 34" Fit chest: 32 to 37"
             Item:DB12143 Colour:Light Pink                
 RM50 RM28

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Spandex Skinny Long Pants and Capri Pants

Spandex Skinnny Long Pants, 5 belt loops. 2 Back patch pockets.
Size:      M       L      XL
Waist:     28"    29"     30"
Hip:         34"   34.5"  35"
Length:    36"    37"     37"
Front Rise:7.5"  7.5"  8"
Back Rise: 10"   10.75"   11.5"
Leg opening:12" 12.5"  12.5"
Item: QY8008  Colour: Green and Blue
Capri Pants, 5 belt loops. 2 Back patch pockets. Spandex
Size:      M       L      XL
Waist:     28"    29"     30"
Hip:         34"   34.5"  35"
Length:    27"    27"     27.5"
Front Rise: 8"  8.25"  8.5"
Back Rise: 11"   11"   11.5"
Leg opening:12" 12"  12.5"
Item: QY8009  Colour: Melon Red(All sold), Yellow, Green.
Sateen Long Pants. Two Side Pockets. 2 back decorative welt pockets.
Size: M. Hipster Waist: 30" Hip: 36" Length: 36.5"
Item: DU9088 Colour: Champaigne

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jersey Dress:Body Con,Deep U Back. 2)Floral. 3) 6Tiers Lacey

Body Con Dress. Deep U Back.  Horizontal Pleats from Hips.
Size: Free. Length: 31.5" Fit chest: 32 to 36"
Item: T0507 Colour: Red(all sold), Grey(all sold), Yellow(all sold) and Black
Paprika Bow One Shoulder Ruched Bodycon Dress. Concealed Zip at side.
Length: 35" Fit chest: 32 to 36"
Item: EV7727  Colour:  Green(Sold) and Blue(All sold)
Panel Bodycon Dress. High Waist. Concealed Zip at back.
Length: 35" Fit chest: 32 to 36"
Item: EV7409  Colour:  Blue(Sold) and Green(1 left)
Overlapped Front Jersey Dress. Puffed Sleeve with elastic Sleeve hem. Shirrings at both side.  (Exclude Tube top)
Size: Free. Fit chest: 32 to 35" Length: 31" 
Item: JN8329 Colour: Black
RM42  RM33
Lace Tube Dress. 6 Ruffled Tiers. Elastic Chest. Soft Lace. Plain Lace Back 
Length:25.5"Elastic chest:27" Bottom hem:42"
Item: FZ0058
Colour: White lace on White Lining(sold), White Lace on Black lining

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shorts&Skirts: 1)Cotton Twill Shorts.Lacey Bottom Cuff. 2)Spandex Twill

Cotton Twill Shorts. Fold Up Bottom Cuff with Lace 
Size: S, M and L
Item: FY9008 Color: Sand and Black
Spandex Shorts with Lace Trims. Front Pockets.
Size: S(Sold), M(Sold), L (Sold)
Item: FY160  Colour: Brown

Basic Style Spandex Denim Shorts. Vintage Washed.
Size:      S      M      L
Length: 6.5" 6.5" 6.5"
Waist:     30     32    33"
Hip:           33    35    36"
Item: BD1007 Colour: Denim Blue as picture(Avail in Sz L)
Short Twill Skirt with Lace Inner Waistband. Pleated Front. Scoop Front Pockets.
Size:                 S        M      L
Waist:               28"     30"    31"
Hip:                 34.5"  35.5"  37"
Length:           11"      11"     11"
Bottom width: 35"  36"   36.5"
Item:  FY616 Colour: Black, Off White and Khaki
Black: S, M, L (Available)
Off white: S and M (Sold out) L(Available)
Khaki: S(Sold out), M and L(available) 
Rib Waistband Knit Skirt. Stretchable
Length:  15" Waist: 25" Hip" 31"  Fit hips: 34 to 37"
Colour: Orange, Navy, Blue, Black, Brown, Mustard, Yellow trim with Orange
Item: BL811(Plain, No Pleats) RM35(Sold out:Blue, Brown and Orange)
Item: BL812 (Pleated, side zip) RM38 

100% Cotton, 6 Pockets and Flaps Camouflage Skirts. Vintage Washed. Snap Buttons at Back Flaps and Skirt Hem Pockets
Size:      S        M       L
                Waist:   30      31      32 (Hipster)
Hip      35.5    36.5    38
Length:   11.5    11.5    11.5"
Item: DU2410 Colour: Army Green
RM30  RM23 (Sz S and M:Available)
Pu Leather Elastic Band Shirring Skirt, 2 Tiers. Decorative Zip at skirt hem
Size: Free. Fit waist 23 to 27" Length: 13"
Item: OZ1990 Colour: Grey
RM45 RM30

Exclusive Geometric Design Skirt. Ruffled Front. Made in Korea. Concealed Zip at back. Full Lining. Blind stitched hem.
Length: 19" Waist: 31"(Hipster) Hip: 38"
Item: DB12195 Colour: Blue
RM80 RM45
Full Elastic Band Cotton Skirt, with lining.
Length: 15.5" Fit all waist.
Item: AP9013 Top picture: Bottom Picture:Green
RM46  RM30
2" Black Elasticband cotton skirt.
Length: 16.25". Fit waist for all.
Item: OZ2077 Colour: Green Floral
RM48  RM30